Felicia Tanuwidjaja Sweet 17

It’s my second time doing a Sweet 17 photo session for a girl named Felicia and hoping for more Felicias in the future 🙂 as they are fabulous. Happiness is what the name means. Felicia leaping for joy as she celebrate her Sweet 17 birthday. Her grandparents and cousins came a long from Solo just to be there for Felicia’s special day. She invited her friends from her current & previous schools that she attended. While Felicia is considered as a quite reserve person, she actually can go crazy with her close friends. It was great that in the middle of exam period, lots of her friends still can make it to the party & have fun with her. She loved the design of her birthday cake which was designed by her beloved friend and was really happy with her Event Organizer which also consist of a bunch of her friends. Here are some photos of  the birthday party and photos of Felicia & friends striking some poses. Happy Sweet 17 Felicia!