Share Out Your Mojo

With Votomojo

About Us

What is VotoMojo?

VotoMojo is a photography service. Started by a married couple Budi & Virda.

We reckon great moments are meant to be shared and enjoyed. And it is our passion to capture your moments & your mojo through our lenses onto photos and then share out to the world…

At VotoMojo we believe that wedding & birthday are great moments in life, so it is our job to deliver the best documentation of your moments, making your day as memorable as your photographs, to be a timeless story and shared for years to come…so Relax, Have Fun and Rock the day!


Where is VotoMojo name coming from?

Voto is our spelling for photo, the V stands for Visual, Vibe, and… Victory !

About The word ‘Mojo’:

mo·jo (mō’jō’) n. pl. mo·jos or mo·joes

  • Magic charm or spell.
  • Personal magnetism; charm.
  • Your cool/style essence.
  • A slang word for self-confidence, self-esteem or self-efficacy.
  • The ability to get through daily life with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart.

So that is us.

VotoMojo share out your Mojo

  • Budi

    The photographer

    This guy will be there to shoot great photos of yours with full dedication and always ready to make sure you put on your brightest smile.

    And yes, 😉 he will be the last vendor who stick with you on your wedding day. (*don’t worry, he will leave as it comes to your private moment ha3 :)))

  • Virda

    The creative director

    Virda is in charge of magically turning your photos and creatively output them into packages that you’ll love. Backed by the power of more than 8 years of design experience, she is there to make sure your photo presentation is look after in the nicest possible ways.