Mikayla 1st Birthday Party Read more

Mikayla 1st Birthday Party

Andri & Lenny's daughter, turned 1 this year, and they decide to throw her a lovely charity birthday party . Having this little princess has blessed and completed this family, adding brightness & softness after having two elder boys. The birthday party was wonderful family and friends gathering. The kids all having a good time in the party and the adults are all well fed. Happy Birthday our sweet Mikayla! We love you so much, baby-doll! ...

Mercy’s Birthday Party Read more

Mercy’s Birthday Party

Mercy celebrated her birthday with her beloved friends at Satoo, Shangrilla. The special day has been filled with laughters and serious amount of digesting to do (hahaha stomach was really full with the large selections of yummy food which all you can eat). The celebration is made even more colourful with her friends surprising her with rr...R-rated cupcakes. Naughty naughty! :D It was fun and everybody attended had a blast. ...

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