Winston’s First Birthday Read more

Winston’s First Birthday

Winston is such as a sunshine! This cute lil' boy smiles a lot. His relationship as best friends with his grandpa could just steal your heart.  Winston's mom and dad planned a mickey mouse themed birthday party because Winston like Mickey mouse and since he was an infant, he smiles & giggles everytime he heard Mickey's voice. (more…)...

Olivia’s 1st Birthday Read more

Olivia’s 1st Birthday

On a one fine evening, one fine couple were hosting a birthday dinner party for their 1 year old daughter. Olivia is a first grandchild from both side, so you could imagine how the grandparents are super excited when she turns one. Olivia is such a fit & well coordinated baby, she could walk quite well for someone who's just turn 1 year old. (more…)...

Mikayla 1st Birthday Party Read more

Mikayla 1st Birthday Party

Andri & Lenny's daughter, turned 1 this year, and they decide to throw her a lovely charity birthday party . Having this little princess has blessed and completed this family, adding brightness & softness after having two elder boys. The birthday party was wonderful family and friends gathering. The kids all having a good time in the party and the adults are all well fed. Happy Birthday our sweet Mikayla! We love you so much, baby-doll! ...

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