Randy & Nelly Wedding Read more

Randy & Nelly Wedding

You've heard a lot about the story and fairy tales of Beauty and the beast. This story that you are about to read is definitely not a story about Beauty and The Beast. It is a story ... of Beauty ...and The Gentleman. :) Nelly, the beautiful bride is bubbly & easy going while Randy is a calm & cool fellow. The special day is even made more colourful by the existence of  wacky, fun & high-spirited Bestmen & Bridemaids. It was a fun enjoyable day with well organized wedding ceremony. ...

Farli & Erin Wedding Day Read more

Farli & Erin Wedding Day

Farli & Erin is one of the sweetest couple that we've known. They are such an adorable couple. I still remember the time I got to know they are together for the first time. I was walking across the street in Melbourne Chinatown and realized their presence. I ran accross the street and decided to surprise them from the back ( I am so excited to know they are an item at that time & always, from there on. Especially when finally hearing they tying the knot). They look so happy with each other and we are truly happy that they a...

Winsen & Fanny Wedding Read more

Winsen & Fanny Wedding

Winsen & Fanny had an extended 2 days wedding ceremony.  First day wedding ceremony was dedicated to God in church and second day is party time with family and friends. Not to left behind, the Pandas ... to whom Fanny 'the Pandaholic' regarded as her children were also attended and involved in brightening up the program. :) This...

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