Anin’s Sweet 17 dinner party Read more

Anin’s Sweet 17 dinner party

I met Anin for the first time at Felicia's Sweet Seventeen birthday party dinner a few months ago and it is now her turn to celebrate her own Sweet Seventeen. Anin appears beautiful and she has a splashing good time enjoying the dinner party with her beloved family, friends & guests. (more&he...

Felicia Tanuwidjaja Sweet 17 Read more

Felicia Tanuwidjaja Sweet 17

It's my second time doing a Sweet 17 photo session for a girl named Felicia and hoping for more Felicias in the future :) as they are fabulous. Happiness is what the name means. Felicia leaping for joy as she celebrate her Sweet 17 birthday. Her grandparents and cousins came a long from Solo just to be there for Felicia's special day. She invited her friends from her current & previous schools that she attended. While Felicia is considered as a quite reserve person, she actually can go crazy with her close friends. It was great...

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