“Ko Budi, thank you so much for covering my 17th birthday party. You captured the moments, excitement and emotion that filled my birthday into amazing photos!” – Crystal (Happy Sweet Seventeen, Crystal!)


“big thanks to ko budi for taking those great photos =) i really love all of the results =) i’m truly satisfied =)” – Felicia (Felicia Sweet Seventeen Dinner Party)


“Thank you ya votomojo for the photos .. hasilnya bagus banget …. semua pada bilang photographernya friendly banget .. yg penting semua happy .. very recommended deh pokoknya …” – Christine  ( Olive & Phoebe  Birthday Party )


“Budi & Virda… Thank you for the amazing pictures and for putting up on fb! Can’t wait for more.. thanks” –  Erin


“Thx berat Budi & Virda buat fotonya ! Bagus2”  – Farli  ( Farli & Erin Wedding )